How to play:

- arrow keys
- piramids make you shorter, and eventually kill you
- collect apples, bananas and gems to get score

Welcome :)

This is a game I've been working for a year now, all alone, after work, so any feedback or donation is appreciated ;) I have lots of features planned, but the core of the game is quite stable.

The idea came from the old Nokia N-gage game, where 3d was introduced to snakes, and I really missed it after 10 years.. And it turns out this way the game is ideal for touch controls :) It is really good for passing time on the Tube (Subway) between stations.

This demo doesn't contain a full 3d map, but lots of other features are shown: hexagonal maps, piramids that make you shorter, paths, and skill settings, so you can get either relaxing or challangeing gameplay. I honestly hope some of you will like it ;)

Hope you like long snakey snakes ;)

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